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Paranormal Fantasy

[BOOK REVIEW] Reboots by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin

Genre: Space Opera, Paranormal, Noir Paperback: 162 pages Publisher: Phoenix Pick Publication Date: December 10, 2011 ISBN-10: 1612420494 ISBN-13: 978-1612420493 Author Website: Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin The Stellar Guild Series is a unique concept from re-publisher (is that a word?) Phoenix Pick that pairs up new authors with industry stalwarts to provide original fiction. The idea is to have well-known authors …

[GUEST POST] Why I’m Fascinated by the Paranormal by Gerry Bartlett

I started writing about vampires because I realized that delving into the paranormal world opened up so many story opportunities. But when I created the characters, I felt like I had to imagine my vampires as people first. That’s why I think Glory St. Clair, the central character throughout the Real Vampires series, has connected …

Who Let That Guy Out of His Cage?

I’m been let loose to roam free and cause fear and loathing elsewhere, namely, at Bitten by Books, the Paranormal Review Site with Bite. While visiting, I ask readers of the site to suggest paranormal fantasy novels that might appeal to men. Got a suggestion?Go here and leave a comment!

INTERVIEW: Justin Gustainis on Hard Spell, Writing, and Police Procedurals

Justin Gustainis is a college professor living in upstate New York. At various times in his misspent youth he was a soldier, garment worker, speechwriter, and professional bodyguard. In addition to a number of short stories (two of which won the Graverson Award for Horror in consecutive years) he is author of the novels The …