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Music Review: Sci-Fi Songs by John Anealio

John Anealio is science fiction music’s rising star. Since around about the same time I began my little blog, John has been leveraging his talent for music to create songs about science fiction. As a result of his efforts, the Sci-Fi Songs blog of free and original science fiction music was born. Though not a …

Alec’s Book Bloggers 101: Top Posts

A little while ago, Alec of Only the Best Scifi/Fantasy asked me to tell him about my most popular article in terms of hits. He also asked several others, and compiled the contributions into a blog post and drew some conclusions from it. Here is what I said: The SF/F/H Book Reviewers Linkup meme was an attempt …

Guest Post at Market My Novel

Today I am guest posting the story of my blog and the genesis of the SF/F/H Book Reviewer’s Linkup Meme at Market My Novel. I also hint at future projects involving a similar concept.

SF/F/H Reviewer Linkup Meme, 2nd Edition

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Welcome to the second edition of the book reviewer linkup meme. Here you will find a list of many of the best speculative fiction review blogs on the internet. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to copy the entire list from the text box at the bottom of this post and post it …