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Curiosity Quills asks me a few questions

So Curiosity Quills has this feature called “Book Blog Spotlight” wherein book bloggers are interviewed. They have now placed this “old guard” of book blogging under the microscope, asking a few questions about blogging in general and ebooks in particular. I – with my usual bad grammar – answered. Do you care why I started …

And Another Thing About Blurbs…

GFTW just got another one. FYI: readers, while I love getting blurbed and am quite arrogant enough to tell you about it without caveat, the truth is that I keep giving these shoutouts to the books because I want to thank the authors and publishers for blurbing me by pointing you towards their books. I …

4 New Blurbs

GFTW is garnering blurbs rapidly. Here are four new ones, all contained in books I recommend you check out.

GFTW named a favorite reviewer of 2011 by Ranting Dragon

Ranting Dragon is a superb fantasy and sf website that weekly lists its favorites in various categories. For their Christmas Day list, they named Grasping for the Wind one of their top reviewers of 2011. Thank you to the team at Ranting Dragon for the honor!