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[GUEST POST] What Genre Is This, Anyway? by Steve Bein

Steve Bein (pronounced “Bine”) is an author, philosopher, professor, climber, photographer, translator, and world traveler. His short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Interzone, Writers of the Future, and in international translation. Daughter of the Sword, his first novel, is already being met with critical acclaim and is due out this October. Find him online at …

[GUEST POST] J. Kelley Anderson on Making Room for Genre Fiction in the Western Literary Canon

Recently, after years of being a Miltonist, researcher, English graduate student, and teacher, I left academia for greener (weirder) pastures, but my time among the stewards of the literary canon left me feeling a little uneasy about myself and the genre I love. That’s right. Call the record books. I’m a writer that feels marginalized …

Where’s the Plot?

There are different kinds of readers. “Well, duh!” you might say. Wait a minute, let me tell you where I’m going with this. That last sentence is the heart of what I’m talking about. One type of reader likes to at least have a clue that the novel is headed toward a certain destination. They can …


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