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Eugie Foster

I was very saddened to read that Eugie Foster passed away on Saturday. For a time, she was my editor at The Fix, a short lived publication that focused on reviewing the short fiction market. She also contributed a fascinating article on creative procrastination and Kanji to this blog many years ago. Though we lived …

[BOOK REVIEW] Brass Stars by A. G. Carpenter

Looking for a way to spend that Amazon gift card you got for Christmas from weird uncle Harry? Why not try the revenge western Brass Starsby A. G. Carpenter? You can find my review of this novella at SF Signal.

[SFFWRTCHT] A Chat With Bestselling Author Larry Correia

For various reasons, this will be our last SFFWRTCHT Column entry here at Grasping For The Wind. I am grateful for the opportunity GFTW has given us to expand our audience and we will be continuing the series both with the live chats, every Wednesday and cleaned up column interviews on Tuesdays over at …

[FREE EBOOK] Limits by Larry Niven

Phoenix Pick’s free ebook for November is Larry Niven’s Limits. A masterful mix of fantasy and science fiction. “LIMITS.” Two aliens fascinated by man’s fondness for defining boundaries decide to make sure he doesn’t get out of the habit. “THE LION IN HIS ATTIC.” Seventy-six years after Atlantis drowned, a sorceress and a prince learn to their dismay …