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In Case of Disaster, Save These Books becomes Twitter Meme #my5

Our recent Inside the Blogosphere roundtable has become a Twitter meme! Using hashtag #my5, @penguinusa picked up on the idea of saving five books in a disaster and is prompting their followers to share their top five picks. Join the action by using #my5 on twitter!

Inside the Blogosphere: In Case of Disaster, Save These Books

Although we are having a little fun here thinking about the books that matter to us, there are many who have recently lost everything, most prominently in Haiti and Japan. If you can, we would appreciate you donating to the relief efforts of the Red Cross or other disaster relief organizations. Additionally, all sales income …

Inside the Blogosphere: Meeting Our Favorite Authors and Picking Their Brains

Time for a new edition of “Inside the Blogosphere”. Today’s Question: If you could meet in person any SF/F author, living or dead, who would it be? And if you could only ask one question of this author, what would it be and why? Amanda Rutter @ Floor to Ceiling Books: The one author I would love …

Inside the Blogosphere: Best/Most Interesting novels or short story collections since May 2010

This particular edition of Inside the Blogosphere is both announcement and brain-picking. I have been commissioned to write a singular piece for a biweekly print magazine (large subscribership) on speculative fiction for their annual books issue. To that end, they have asked me to write just seven 100 word reviews on the best and/or most …