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[INTERVIEW] David Walton

For WORLD Magazine’s June 29, 2013 books issue, I interviewed David Walton about the release of his novel, Quintessence. Only a condensed version of the interview appeared in the magazine, but they gave him permission to reprint the entire interview on his website. Read the interview here.

[SFFWRTCHT] A Chat With Bestselling Author Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan wrote books in a variety of genres for over ten years, with no sales, then quit, vowing never to write again. Never wound up being ten years, when, at his family’s urging, he tried again, vowing to write something for them to enjoy instead of something focused on getting published. He started …

[SFFWRTCHT] A Chat With Author Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn just released the 10th novel in the bestselling urban fantasy Kitty Norville series, Kitty Steals The Show. The series began with Kitty And The Midnight Hour in 2005. Her other books include After The Golden Age and Discord’s Apple. A 1998 Odyssey Workshop graduate, she’s also a contributor to George R.R. Martin’s Wild …

[SFFWRTCHT] A Chat With Ian Rogers

Ian Rogers is a writer, artist, and photographer. His short fiction has appeared in publications including Cemetery Dance, Supernatural Tales, and Shadows & Tall Trees. He is the author of the dark fiction collection Every House Is Haunted (ChiZine Publications) and SuperNOIRtural Tales (Burning Effigy Press), a series of stories featuring supernatural detective Felix Renn. Ian lives with his wife in Peterborough, …