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[SFFWRTCHT] A Chat With Bestselling Author Larry Correia

For various reasons, this will be our last SFFWRTCHT Column entry here at Grasping For The Wind. I am grateful for the opportunity GFTW has given us to expand our audience and we will be continuing the series both with the live chats, every Wednesday and cleaned up column interviews on Tuesdays over at …

All is Vanity

"I see you're in this mood again." "I am always in this mood."

XKCD’s recent comic is apropos for this space, as our blog title comes from the very same source:

[EXCERPT] Snippets from the F My Life World Tour

From the new book F My Life World Tour, little snippets of “sucks-to-be-me” moments that will surely bring a smile to your face—whether it’s because you’ve been there or you’re just glad it didn’t happen to you! Today, I was getting my portrait done. The artist told me to smile. He looked at me, then said, …

The Bark Side

Because I need a pick me up. (And cause its cool!)