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A Fantastical Librarian Interviews John Ottinger III

Meineke, of A Fantastical Librarian (and you can read that title both ways) knocked on my noggin with some interesting questions about GFTW, National Buy a Book Day, and my stance on review ratings and negative reviews. Check it out.

Why Grasping for the Wind?

As a name or favorite pastime? Seriously, though, the title comes from Ecclesiastes, where Solomon states that “all is vanity and grasping for the wind” on more than one occasion. It has always been a favorite saying of mine so I thought I’d use it as a blog title. Then, as the blog matured, it made sense. I’ve gone through year after year of many of the same literary arguments being hashed and re-hashed, perhaps differentiated by new tech, but philosophically the same. That’s not to say those arguments aren’t (A) fun and (B) worth having – though they do sometimes feel like a lot of grasping for the ineffable. Do these literary things matter? Really? To me, yes. To a starving kid in Africa? No. So I hope the title helps me remember that while literature and all its attendants are fun, interesting and even important at times, in the scope of eternity, they lack touchable substance.

More interesting (or not so, depending on your current mood) commentary here.

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