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I have a request to make of all my author friends…

Ok. This is going to seem odd. You see, I have an extended family member who is in a situation where his media intake is severely limited by external forces. However, he has long been a fan of fantasy and science fiction stories, often using them as a balm when times are tough. And times are tough for him.

His mother wants to provide him with that reading salve by copy/pasting short stories into the letters she writes to him.

Obviously, I pointed her to places like Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks as potential sources, but the problem is that most of those stories are old and this young man prefers new fiction.

What I’d like to ask is, would any of you be willing to give us a short story or two that his mom and I could use for this purpose?

Even just permission to copy/paste stories you have on your website would be great, or pointing us to places where you have published your work for free and in a format that would conducive to copy/pasting would be awesome!

Contact me directly at or just put your permission and links into the comments below.

You will be doing this young man an enormous service. We thank you.