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Kevin Hearne’s new novel Tricked includes John Ottinger III/GFTW Blurb

I always like to mention the books that mention me. Therefore, I have to give a grateful shoutout to Del Rey and Kevin Hearne for including my comments on his first novel Hounded within the interior of his newest novel Tricked.

Being blurbed is always a surreal experience, but what is special about this blurb is its location. While I am not on the front or rear cover of the book, I am the very first quote in the blurb section – appearing above notable newspapers and industry magazines – and they use my full name – including suffix – and not just my blog name. This is a very unusual thing for a major publisher like Del Rey to do, and I am immensely grateful to them for publishing Hearne’s excellent novels and for making me a part of it.

If you use Amazon’s look inside feature, you can see the blurb on the second page, right after the cover. Tricked releases April 24, 2012 and I recommend you read it in all its awesomeness, as well as the three previous semi-stand alone novels in the Iron Druid Chronicles.