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INITIATE: Shameless Self-Promotion/WORLD

I am pleased as punch to announce that I have an article appearing in this year’s WORLD books issue.

WORLD is a bi-weekly print news magazine (like Newsweek or Time in style and content) that unapologetically tells the news from a Christian perspective. Yet in their reviews section, they always ignore the massive elephant that is SF&F. So I contacted their reviews editor to complain. Out of the blue, the reviews editor offered me the opportunity to review six SF&F novels and collections of the past year that I felt Christians could read and enjoy. So I did.

They graciously accepted my article and it will be appearing in the first July issue of the magazine. I won’t tell which books I chose, but you can find out which they were for yourself by taking up the six free issues offer in the WORLD TV ad below.

HINT: Got to and enter SoundRezn in the blank.

HURRY! The books issue is usually the first issue in July, so you only have a short window in which to sign up! This content will not be available online unless you are a subscriber, so do take advantage of this offer – if not because you care for the content, at least because you care for me, dear GFTW readers.

END: Shameless Self-Promotion/WORLD