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Science Fiction and Graphic Storytelling

My name is Jim Black.  My columns will show how comic books and the science fiction/fantasy field relate to each other. Sometimes I will focus on particular authors who write in both fields.  Other times I plan on looking at comic books that were influenced by themes from science fiction.

As for my background, my first writing appeared in fan magazines way back in the seventies.   I fell in love with science fiction in the early seventies and have been reading it ever since.  I knew I was hooked when I received my first copy of Jim Baen’s Galaxy.  The Baen edited issues are still favorites of mine.  He published stories by Roger Zelazny, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, David Drake, Edgar Pangborn, Ursula K. Le Guin, Bob Shaw, and Arsen Darnay.  At the same time I also read Analog and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  For me this was one of the high points of magazine fiction.

My first experience with writing for the internet appeared in 2006 when I started The Bedford Review.  It features my reviews of  Christian fiction.  I wanted an outlet to help gain exposure for good Christian novels.

After that I began Science Fiction Times.  SFT showcases reviews of short fiction, novels, television shows and some comics.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many writers and fans through this site.

My comic book reading began in the late sixties.  My grandmother worked at a general store that carried all of the DC and Marvel comics.  She always had a new grocery bag of comics waiting for my cousins and me to read on Sunday afternoon. A friend of mine worked as an inker for a few years and we started going to conventions.  I still go to conventions but now my sons go with me.

I started reviewing comics a few years ago for Comic Book Revolution.  Last year I started writing for Comic Related.

With the dual interests I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine my reading passions.  Some of my upcoming columns will include:

“Larry Niven and the History of the Green Lanterns”

“China Mieville and the Swamp Thing”

“Chris Roberson’s Dual Career”

What would you like to see in future columns?

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