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GFTW Welcomes Jim Black!

Grasping for the Wind’s slow takeover of the world begins. Eat our wrath peons! And welcome Jim Black to our fold.

Here’s Jim in his own words:

My interest in science fiction began in the early 70s when I read a copy of Lester Del Rey’s The Runaway Robot. I moved on to the Tom Swift, Jr. books before graduating to Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Roger Zelazny and many others. Hundreds of books later I still enjoy reading everything from the classic through the modern authors.

Book reviews have fascinated me since I first read the reviews by Spider Robinson and Richard Geis in Galaxy Science Fiction. In 2008, I started a review blog called Science Fiction Times.

My other reading passion has always been comic books. While my first comic book reading love was the super hero books, my tastes have expanded to include the Vertigo line from DC Comics and many independents. Among my favorite current creators are Jonathan Hickman, Grant Morrison, Robert Kirkman, and Christos Gage. I joined the review team at Comic Book Revolution and later started doing interviews and reviews for Comic Related.

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