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Grasping for the Wind Seeks Monthly Contributors

Dear Fans of Grasping for the Wind,

GFTW has been providing you with quality reviews and interviews, bits of interesting information, and other sundry for some time now. Until 2010, this was done completely by me, your proprietor, John Ottinger III. Beginning in January I began to have daily posts of Geek Media by the excellent Pipedreamer Grey, which I think have been rather popular. Because of that success, I have decided that GFTW needs more voices, more great content as a gift to my longtime fans and new readers who simply don’t know about all the great content here.

To that end, I am extending an open invitation to anyone in the SF/F field who might be interested in contributing on a monthly basis to GFTW to contact me at editor [AT] graspingforthewind [DOT] com for details.

Who am I looking for?

  • 1. Authors. You always need publicity, and there is no better way to do so than with a column at a quite popular blog.
  • 2. Artists. Want to showcase your SF art? Contribute an piece of your own work in a showcase each month basis at GFTW.
  • 3. Bloggers. Want to spread some link love around the net? Contribute to GFTW and have a premier SF/F blog boost your stats, gain new readers, and spread your name all over the net.
  • 4. Fans. Have an opinion? Want to voice it but don’t have enough time to run a full scale blog? Let me give you a bully pulpit.

Is this a paid gig?

Sorry, no. I do this as a labor of love myself, barely covering costs of hosting with advertising revenue received each year. Being a schoolteacher (who is under water on his home) as well, I don’t have the funds to pay anyone. This is strictly a volunteer effort on your part.

What can I write about? How much or how little?

Pretty much anything SF/F related. All essays will be read and edited by me, so If I find anything I don’t prefer makes it onto the internet, I’ll let you know and we can revamp the material. You are precluded from writing reviews for this blog. I have developed a distinctive voice for those, and the writing and posting of them will remain my prerogative.

As to length, that will be entirely up to you. It’s your work to make what you want of it.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

I prefer you commit to at least six months (six articles). However, I know how life can be sometimes, and I’m always flexible.

Why are you doing this?

Because I want to provide new and great content continuously to you, dear reader, and because I am pursing other professional avenues, and so will have less time to commit to this blog. I’m not going anywhere, and I won’t let this blog die, even if I don’t get contributors I assure you, but I would like some of the load taken off my shoulders. This blog needs to spread its wings, and I’m hoping you can help me do that.

Have you signed anyone yet?

I sure have, He is an author and editor who answered my open call on twitter for contributors and his first article will appear July 19, 2010. It won’t tell you who it is, as I think it will make an awesome surprise.

How do I contact you?

Send an email to editor [AT] graspingforthewind [DOT] com. (Remember to replace the [AT] and [DOT] with the correct symbols.)


John Ottinger III
Grasping for the Wind