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Terry Pratchett to Write Collaborative SF with Stephen Baxter

From the Guardian:

Fantasy might have made him his fortune, but for his next project, Terry Pratchett is set to venture into the world of science fiction, returning to a concept he first dreamed up almost 25 years ago in collaboration with the award-winning British science fiction writer Stephen Baxter.

Pratchett began work on a novel about a chain of parallel worlds, The Long Earth, in 1986, just after completing Equal Rites, the third book set in his Discworld universe in which the world is held up by four elephants, standing on a giant turtle. “I thought to myself [Discworld] is fantasy, and I want to get back to my first love, which is science fiction,” Pratchett told the Guardian. The author had previously written two science fiction novels in the late 70s and early 80s, The Dark Side of the Sun and Strata

“I think Stephen Baxter is one of our best science fiction writers, and the best hard science fiction writer,” he said. “I really like his stuff. There’s a man who’s at home with trillions … The nice thing about working with him is that pretty much one or other of us can solve any sort of problem. It’ll be fun – an antidote to all the other boys and girls being allowed out to play and you typing away by yourself. I suffer from permanent cabin fever. It’s having a mirror to bounce things off, and at the same time you’re his mirror as well. Also he is used to writing hard science fiction.”

My Reaction: Yea! More Terry Pratchett!