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Mothman: An Interview with Actor Connor Fox

Connor Fox

Connor Fox

John Ottinger III: What first drew you into acting as a career, and what have been its greatest rewards and greatest hardships?

Connor Fox: I was always a bit of a ham. So, it seemed appropriate. The greatest rewards for me come when I’m on set shooting a movie. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier. It’s like camp imagination for adults. The greatest hardships for me would be not knowing when camp starts back up.

JO: You are starring alongside Jewel Staite (of FIREFLY and STARGATE ATLANTIS fame) in the new Syfy original MOTHMAN (set for release April 24, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST). How did you enjoy working alongside Ms. Staite?

CF: It was a lot of fun. Jewel was one of the most professional and down to earth people I have had the pleasure to work with. She is an extremely talented girl and as clever as they come.

JO: What can you tell us about the story of MOTHMAN? How did you prepare for the enacting the character of Derek in MOTHMAN?

CF: Mothman is set in the small town of Point Pleasant, WV. The Mothman is a legendary monster that is out to exact revenge on a group of childhood friends who covered up an accidental killing. I was working on a project in New Mexico when I got the part and I had to be on set to shoot in two days. I didn’t actually have time to do much prep. Then again, I grew up in a small town in Virginia. So, the first eighteen years of my life was kinda like prep.

JO: You mentioned in another interview that Sheldon Wilson allows you to feel comfortable and use a little bit of improv to the script. Is there anything you can point to in the character of Derek that this directing and acting environment allowed you to develop that may not have been evident in the script?

CF: Sheldon actually allowed Jewel and I to improv an entire scene of the film. The scene we did was based off of the character development that was already in the written script.

JO: Sonny Lee and Patrick Walsh, writers of MOTHMAN, are perhaps best known for writing 14 episodes of the sitcom IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Did they bring any of that humor to the script, and do you have a favorite line of yours you can share?

CF: For sure. It’s a completely different genre, but their comedy is apparent throughout the film. My favorite line would have to be “Why do we call him the Mothman? Why not the Waspman…..I mean….What’s scary about a Moth?”

JO: Much of your acting work has been in the realm of horror/thriller flicks. Is there something about them that draws you to these types of roles?

CF: I love the challenge of being real in an unrealistic situation.

JO: You have been in several movies and shows, even earning the Best Young Actor at the Downbeach Film Festival for your role in ICE GRILL, USA. Have you had any roles that you have particularly enjoyed performing?

CF: Next to Derek in Mothman would have to be Auggie Logan from ICE GRILL, USA. Auggie was a character that I loved developing. He had multiple emotional layers and was constantly being tested by his environment. He is the everyman hero fighting for the American Dream. I really enjoyed being Auggie.

JO: Besides acting in science fiction shows and movies, you also are a great fan of SF. What is it you like about science fiction, and how were you first introduced to the genre?

CF: All Science is Fiction until it is a proven fact. That’s why I like it…..Sci Fi is the search for knowledge. I grew up on the old black and white “Twilight Zones” and have been in love with the genre ever since. That show opened my mind to the possibility that things may not always be what they seem. That people may all in some way actually live in the Twilight Zone.

JO: Your original work SINTAX is in pre-production. What is the story of SINTAX, and what inspired you to write this particular narrative?

CF: It is a Dark Comedy about a rich man who passes away and his children start to kill each other in hopes to get his money. I have seen first hand what people will do for money and the outlandish comedy in the script is not far from reality.

JO: How is your feature film comedy adventure THE CHEST different and/or similar to its TWILIGHT ZONE inspiration?

CF: THE CHEST is a feature film Comedy Adventure that is a blend of LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER and AMERICAN PIE. The Twilight Zone inspired series is little bit different. It’s very stylized. It is modern and yet far from modern.

JO: You have also turned your creative mind to comics. What is your comic series “The Last Planet” all about?

CF: Every planet in the known and unknown universe soon will die, all but one. One planet will be born from all the others that came before it. THE LAST PLANET.

JO: Where did the idea for your “REQUEST A CHARACTER” at your website come from?

CF: I wanted to have a website that was more interactive. I thought to myself what would I want to see on someone else’s website. If I went to Jim Carrey’s website what would I wish it had and that’s when it hit me. I wish he had a Request a Character site that anyone could go and ask him to act out characters he has never done. So, I put that option on my website.

JO: I want to thank you for giving us your valuable time. Where can my readers find you online?
Twitter: @connorfoxplease