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Katie Lovett explains why book reviewers are the reader’s friend

Katie has some excellent points to make about the use to which readers should put book reviewers, but the crux of it is this:

…as readers, we oftentimes don’t know what we’re looking for in a book. We want entertainment, but what is our own definition of literary entertainment? It’s different for each one of us. By breaking things down, the reviewer not only defines a book’s elements, but helps us discover our own preferences in a clear way.

Hear, hear! I know that while I enjoy being analytical about books for its own sake, I also wouldn’t go through the time and effort of putting them online if I didn’t think that it would be helpful to readers, authors and publishers alike. Katie also got me thinking that I ought to put something together about the reader/reviewer relationship, a topic not much talked about in my (admittedly) insular corner of the blogosphere.

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