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One and a Half Weeks of Links 12-22-2009

I was away on vacation then catching up on emails and work, so here is all the interesting stuff that people wrote or did while I was away.

Yeti Stomper interviews Paul S. Kemp
Round Table on Australian SF
Book Banter Podcast interviews Jeff Vandermeer
The Science of Fiction interviews Maggie Jamison interviews Innsmouth Free Press.
Diabolical Plots interviews Nancy Fulda.
Bibliophile Stalker interviews Lee Harris of Hub Magazine and Angry Robot Books.
Wet Asphalt interviews Michael Moorcock
Science Fiction Musing interviews Jay Lake
Highlights of Terry Pratchett at the Guardian Book Club
Life Matters interviews Sean Williams
Lawrence Watt-Evans answers reader questions at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog
Terry Pratchett talks to the Guardian Book Club
Bibliophile Stalker interviews Danel Olsen
SF Signal interviews Daniel Abraham
Authors Share Once Titles
Terry Brooks Q&A
Author Magazine interviews Rachel Caine (video)
System-Level Design interviews Lou Anders
Realms of Fantasy interviews musicians Blackmore’s Night

Jim C. Hines on Are Booksignings Worth It?
Jeff VanderMeer on Choosing Your Platforms and Protecting Your Private Booklife.
Rachelle Gardner on Where the Money Comes From.
Janice Hardy on The March Toward Publication (or What Happens Next, Part Two).
John Joseph Adams on The Secret of My Success–Revealed!
Mark C Newton on Thoughts on 2009.
Randy Susan Meyers on Books on Writing.
Gerry Canavan on Avatar and the War of Genres.
Win Scott Eckert on Amazon fails again–and contributors to anthologies get punished.
OF Blog on 2009 in Review
Joe Sherry on The Missing: 2009
Jeff C. on The Sad State of the Fantasy E-book Market
Tansy Rayner Roberts on Lone Princesses and Girly Books.
Huffington Post on Science Fiction Goes McDonald’s: Less Taste, More Gristle.
Odyssey Workshop on Writing question: Most useful exercise.
Jenn Brissett on Postscript to Vitriol.
Neth Space on The SFF Literary Pub Crawl.
Suvudu on Authors Share Once Titles.
Rachel Aaron on The unexpected perks of publication.
Juno Books on Book Sales Stats: Apples and Oranges?
Mike Brotherton on Five Reasons Why People Think They Hate Science (and what to do about it!).
Kate Elliott on When What We Think We Know, Is Actually Wrong.
Janice Hardy on Great Holiday Gifts for Readers.
Rosemary Jones on Shared World Fiction: Spinning Stories Out of the Unmapped Bits.
Joe Sherry on A Golden Age for Short Fiction.
Pamela Freeman on The Things An Author Does.
Shaun Duke on Science Fiction Ain’t Dead (So Shut Up).
The Intern on the (book promotion) gods must be crazy.
Visions of Paradise on The Best SF Writer of the Decade, part 1
Peggy at Biology in Science Fiction asks: Is Avatar science fiction?
Jason Sanford says Positively positive that positive SF doesn’t have to be positive to be positive.
Gizmodo: 10 Science Stories That Changed Our Decade.
Angry Robot Books: Twelve Days of Christmas w/ Marc Gascoigne.
James Wallace Harris shares his thoughts on The Battle of the eBook Readers.
John Anealio’s Ballad of Wilson Cole
Paul Di Filippo’s Best of 2009
The Book Smugglers Best Reads of 2009 by The Book Smugglers
Are We Post Genre? by Harry Markov
Ramp Up Your Reading: More and Faster by Bill Ward
Creative Procrastination: Kanji, Word Families, and TXT SP3EAK by Eugie Foster
Ramp Up Your Reading: Do It Better by Bill Ward
Book Buying: Telling Readers Where to Go by Jim C. Hines
Ramp Up Your Reading: Expand Your Horizons by Bill Ward
A Love Affair With Stories by Karen Miller
Working With Young Writers by Shaun Duke
The Write Stuff by Stephen Hunt
Jon Evans on Fantasy vs. Science Fiction: James Cameron’s Avatar
What’s Steampunk?
Lou Anders on The Golden Age of Fantasy Illustration
Robert Jackson Bennett on How to Find a God
ebooks are not significantly cheaper to produce than paper books
Ryan Harvey on Having a Medieval Solstice
Jim Hines: Are Book Signings Worth It?
Max Leone on Writing Recommendations for Teens
John C. Wright on Forgetting How to Make Action Films
L. Jagi Lamplighter on Writing in One Lesson
Ru Freeman on Facebook Etiquette for Authors
Marie Brennan on Virgins and Whores
Detecting Habitable Exomoons

Tor signs Bill Willingham to Starscape Imprint who will debut with a new
original fantasy novel for young readers.
Cast your vote for StarShipSofa’s 2010 Sofanaut Awards
Underland Press Sale.
Golden Gryphon 2-for-1 Sale.
Baen Lyric Writing Contest
Gil’s All-Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez to become movie
Patrick Stewart to be knighted
Desert Spear Video Ad
SFFMeta, A New SF&F Review Collator, Launches
Electro-Pulp Video Magazine Vol 1, No. 2

Free Fiction
55 Free Speculative Fiction Stories by 41 Authors
Judgement by Fergus Bannon
John Joseph Adams gives out some free samplers
“Well and Truly Broken” by Bruce Holland Rogers
Realms of Fantasy FREE ISSUE!

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