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Personal Note: Happy Anniversary, My Love

John and ValerieFive years ago today, I did the best thing I have ever done in my life and married the most gorgeous, intelligent, skilled woman I have ever met. She honored me with her hand, though I didn’t deserve it, and daily reminds me of how much she loves me, though I give her many a reason not to. She has put up with my foibles, been with me through two periods of unemployment, several state to state moves and yet always been supportive, going the extra mile by working in a position she did not like in order to make ends meet. I don’t thank her enough for that, or give her enough to show my appreciation. My poor poetry on her birthday and Valentine’s can never do enough to show how much I love her.

My love, I wish you a happy anniversary, and when you see this when we get back from our cruise this week, I hope that I will have proved myself worthy of your love for the coming year, and into forever.