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The Week in Links 12-12-2009

I finally got around to checking and reading through my RSS reader, and here is what I found:

Fantasy Magazine interviews Angela Slatter
Terry Brooks chats it up with the fans
The Chronic Rift interviews Robert J. Sawyer
A Good Addiction interviews Lilith St. Crow
Fantasy Literature interviews Mike Resnick
Lou Anders interviews Joel Shepherd
Charles Tan interviews Tim Waggoner
Harry Markov interviews Joe Sherry
Book Banter interviews Ken Scholes
Fantasy Magazine interviews Erik Mona
Agony Column interviews Lou Anders
Patrick Rothfuss interviews Joe Abercrombie

Future Tense
Dark Legacies Matter
Some Publishers Still Don’t Understand E-books
Urban Fantasy as Genre (or, more than just vamps and sex)
What Has Gone Before?
Kirk vs. Holmes
Why Science Fiction is Dying and Fantasy Fiction is the Future / The Author Defends Himself
Gandalf vs. Holmes
SF in South Africa
Why Star Trek should be more like Football
The Funniest Reason Customers Reject Books
The Writing Life – Why?
My aversion to versions
Matte vs. Gloss
The Power of Nothing
The World is Not a 1st Level Dungeon
4e and the Changing Language of D&D

Sci-Fi Song #24: Batman Smells (A Rebuttal)
Open Fantasy Magazine Positions
The Science Fiction Poetry Association has a forum
New SFWA bylaws posted for review by members
Preview: The Shadow Conspiracy
Free Fiction!
Strange Horizons looking for first readers
Kirkus Reviews closes its doors
Sf Author Peter Watts arrested at border crossing
Adopt a Soldier with Kobold Quarterly

The Writer Pay Flap
John Scalzi: In the Spirit of Pulps, and Paying Even Less (the post that started it all); Aspiring Writer Stockholm Syndrome; Presumably Final Notes on Rates, Markets, and Blah Blah Blah
Patrick Neilsen Hayden
Rachel Swirsky
Tobias Buckell
Jim C. Hines
David Forbes
Jennifer Brissett
Douglas Cohen
Ann Leckie

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