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TWO Blurbs for GFTW!

One of the best things about being a reviewer is when you get blurbed.

First off is Plague Zone by Jeff Carlson. The blurb comes from my review of Plague Year (an awesome book). Plague Zone will hit stores November 24, 2009.

Characters never stand still, political intrigue abounds, and the characters face almost certain death every time they turn around. The story is good, even garnering Carlson a nomination for this year’s John W. Campbell award. Plague Year is a unique take on the old apocalyptic fiction trope, full of the hard science of nanotech, and it will appeal to a broad audience. Highly Entertaining.

Second, we have Geosynchron third and final novel in David Louis Edelman’s Jump 225 trilogy. (The blurb alos appears in copies of Infoquake and MultiReal.) It is excerpted from my review of Infoquake. Geosynchron will be released in February 2010.

Edelman has succeeded in making the world of the corporate boardroom into an adventure filled narrative. What John Grisham has done with the legal thriller, Edelman has done with business…The climax is fulfilling and exciting, yet it is only a speech, and a marketing one at that. Edelman has so well woven the elements of his plot together that Natch’s simple speech has a much power and excitement to it as another science fiction story’s destruction of a spaceship or a fantasy’s evil overlord dying hideously at the hands of a hero. That takes skill to write, and Edelman has it in spades. I highly recommend this novel.