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SF/F Humor Roundup

Jim C. Hines is collecting the titles and authors of works of speculative humor published in 2009 at his website.

I see two purposes for this list. The first is for award nominations. Humor tends not to be taken seriously**, and rarely makes the award ballots. It’s a shame, because humor can be as powerful, popular, and flat-out good as any other story. So if you are either a SFWA member who would like to read a story for Nebula consideration, or a Worldcon member reading for the Hugos, the list below tells how you can get a copy of this year’s speculative humor.

More importantly, this provides a reading list for those of us who just enjoy reading funny stories.

**Go figure, eh?

I made a few suggestions from some of my recent reading:

The Trouble with Heroes | Denise Little (ed.) | Anthology
And Another Thing | Eoin Colfer | Novel
Zombies for Zombies | David P. Murphy | nonfiction, technically
The Sapphire Sirens | John Zakour | Novel
“The Humane Killer” in THE DRAGON BOOK |Diana Gabaldon & Samuel Sykes | short story
“Oakland Dragon Blues” in THE DRAGON BOOK |Peter S. Beagle | short story
“Are You Afflicted with Dragons?” in THE DRAGON BOOK |Kage Baker | short story
“A Stark and Wormy Knight” in THE DRAGON BOOK | Tad Williams | short story

If you would like to help, go HERE to see the list of works collected and find out how to contribute.

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