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Comic Review: Planetary #27 by Warren Ellis

# Comics, Science Fiction
# Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm
# ASIN: B002RMM25U
# Author Website: Warren Ellis
# Artist Website: John Cassaday

It is difficult coming into a decades-long series at its very ending. I will admit to not knowing much about Planetary. But the name Warren Ellis was known to me, and so I was pleased to receive a copy of Planetary #27 for review.

This issue is the conclusion of the series. John Cassaday continues as the artist, using vibrant colors and effective shading to give his characters a human, rather than superhuman appearance. This matches the content of the last issue very well, with its story of mixed feelings of sadness and hope.

It becomes readily apparent that Planetary has been a labor of love. The thrust of the issue centers around the return of a character who had been believed dead and lost forever. Although there is a significant amount of scientific mumbo-jumbo at the beginning (Schroedinger’s cat is a significant aspect of the story) and some references to what ahs come before I didn’t get, the story soon settles down into the actual rescue attempt. Sadly, I was not aware of the back story, so the effectiveness of the emotion was not conveyed completely, but to a reader who has enjoyed the Planetary series, I am sure that this last issue will pack a punch.

Even I, noob to the story that I am, was intrigued enough that I may just go later today and see if my local comic book shop has any back issues of Planetary. Even in this single issue, I can see and read that the characters are pretty well-rounded – having interesting personal issues as well as a sense of camaraderie. Unlike many heroic groups such as Justice League or X-men, whatever it is that this group of individuals has faced has not broken them up but rather brought them closer together. Though there may have been problems and frictions in the past, they seem to trust one another in a depiction of friendship that I rarely find in comics.

I think that even though I was not a reader of Planetary from the beginning, I am already sad that the story is over (though Ellis does leave room for future series). I highly recommend that if you are not familiar with the series, that you see if you can find it, as the storytelling (coupled with some great art) is superbly crafted.