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Alec’s Book Bloggers 101: Top Posts

A little while ago, Alec of Only the Best Scifi/Fantasy asked me to tell him about my most popular article in terms of hits. He also asked several others, and compiled the contributions into a blog post and drew some conclusions from it.

Here is what I said:

The SF/F/H Book Reviewers Linkup meme was an attempt by me to update a blog list that was several years out of date. But I also wanted to create a resource that other bloggers could also use. So I asked readers to take my existing list and “add it to your blog, and add a link to your blog on it.” I would use back links to find the additions and add them to the master list. The response was overwhelming, even getting me a mention on GalleyCat, spawning a song by John Anealio, and getting one Crotchety Old Fan to review every blog on the list. It was a lot of work which was streamlined in the second editio, but worth all the time and effort, because the SF bloggin community got much more interconnected. It is still my most popualr post, though the second edition is also climbing the charts and will probaly surpass the original in a the next few months in terms of hits. I’m just glad everyone has a central place to go for new blogs, and an easy way to increase their own traffic with only a little effort.

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