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Book Review: Sojourn Volume 6 – The Bezerker’s Tale by Ian Edgington and Greg Land

* Genre: Fantasy, Graphic Novel
* ISBN: 1933160721
* ISBN-13: 9781933160726
* Format: Paperback, 172pp
* Publisher: Checker Book Publishing Group, LLC
* Pub. Date: October 2007

I should have been prepared for this. After all, CrossGen did go out of business and that is hardly Checker BPG�s fault, but I am disappointed that Sojourn Volume 6: The Bezerker�s Tale did not complete the Sojourn story.

In this final (?) volume of the Sojourn graphic novel, Arwyn and friends go into the North, to seek the final piece of Adyn�s arrow. In the meantime, Mordath sets a bounty hunter on Arwyn�s trail, and then sets off on a mission all his own. In this volume of the Sojourn tale Arwyn really makes use of her arrows against a bezerker, an enspelled troll. The action in this volume is greater than in the last, and the fight against the bezerker long and protracted, ending in a way I could not have predicted.

This volume collects issues #31 through #34 of the original comic. Additionally, it also contains the prequel for the series, which introduces us to Mordath the warrior, who is later resurrected as Mordath the sorcerer. The prequel is interesting and really turns Adyn the Archer into quite an enigmatic character. I�d like to know more a lot more of his history, and his relationship to Arwyn.

The final issue (#34) lacked the coloring depth of the previous issues. The color reminded me more of original comics from the 1940�s than the more vibrant comics of our current age. The artwork seemed all washed out, rather then having the detail and vibrancy of the previous issues. This was something of a disappointment to me, since I had come to equate the Sojourn series with very vivid coloring. The rest of the comics continue that tradition, and I think that the impending bankruptcy of CrossGen might have had something to do with it.

The story is also incomplete. I�m sure that Ian Edgington and Greg Land have completed the tale, but unfortunately we do not have a complete story for the reader in printed form. My hope is that Checker will work to have the tale finished, now that they have the rights to the story.

Still, all in all, Sojourn Volume 6: The Bezerker�s Tale continues to provide great artwork and an interesting story with several plot twists, including new and unexpected characters. Although we are left wondering at the fate of Arwyn, Cassidy, and Gareth, characters whose stories I have come to enjoy, it doesn�t detract from the story, it only makes me wish it could be completed. I continue to recommend reading the Sojourn series to anyone who enjoys good comics with great color but who prefers traditional fantasy to the popular urban fantasy, manga, or the superhero tales more often found in graphic novels.

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