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Jim C. Hines Week – Day 4

Continuing our trend of celebrating all things Jim, here are a few more things you may not have know about the man.
Congratulate Jim on his first Publisher’s Weekly Review.
He has not one, but two stories up at AnthologyBuilder, the do-it-yourself site for fans of short fiction. I’ve been waiting on enough stories from folks I like to do my first personal anthology, with Jim’s two I’m getting real close. If you haven’t checked out AnthologyBuilder yet, it is a must.
Do you Librarything? So does Jim.
Watch this guy draw his version of a pic of Jig the Goblin on his computer screen!

Or check out this recent reading and interview with Jim at the Time Traveler Show.
For reviews of Goblin Hero check out: Monsters & Critics, Curled Up, and ScifiChick. Mine will be posted on Friday.
And of course, check out Jim’s Site and LiveJournal Blog.
And for those of you who scrolled down this far, we have a special treat. Around noon pacific coast time, Fantasy Book Critic will begin a giveaway of all three of Jim’s Goblin books. It is such a wonderful coincidence that FBC and I would be highlighting Jim at the same time.