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Jim C. Hines Week

This week is Jim C. Hines Week at Grasping for the Wind. Goblin War comes out exactly one month from today, so each day this week I will be highlighting Jim in some form or fashion. (interviews, reviews and links to interesting material.)
First off, Jim is doing some highlighting of his own, and is running a LOL book cover caption contest for Goblin War.
Secondly, read my review of Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy, in which Jim tells the story of how Jig and Smudge first met.
Lastly, read these interviews with Tymalous Shadowstar and Jig the DragonSlayer, at Straight from the Barrel…
And of course, check out Jim’s Site and LiveJournal Blog.
Stay tuned for more, including my interview with Jim and my review of Goblin Hero as well as lots of link love!
Feel free to submit your own Jim C. Hines material by emailing me through the link in the navbar, or placing the link in the comments below.