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Book Review: Life@Work by John Maxwell

Author: John Maxwell
Genre: Non-fiction
Topic: Self-Help, Business
Pub. Date: May 2005
Format: Hardcover, 242pp
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

John Maxwell is a recognized authority on leadership and business. His many books detail how each person can be a better employee, boss, or person. Life@Work is no exception. Although the majority of Maxwell�s books focus on executives, or those who wish to be executives, Life@Work is written for any employee.

Using Biblical narratives, personal anecdotes, and Scripture, Maxwell and his colleagues work to show us that the best way for us to be good employees is to use our skill, find our calling, serve wholeheartedly, and have a strong character. These four elements are the core principles taught in Life@Work.

The work itself is poorly written. Like most self-help books, there is a lot of self-actualization with a smattering of Christian Scripture. It is unexceptional in this regard. Additionally, because there are actually three authors, it is never clear who the speaker is at any one moment. Many of the anecdotes are personal, but to whom? I also found the organization of the thoughts hard to follow; things were said twice or more often, and in different sections. Although this was probably meant to add continuity to the book, it actually made it hard to understand how one positive or negative trait was different from another.

The principles taught here are valid, and even useful. I have heard these same thoughts espoused my entire life, so it was not useful to me. But to someone new to Christianity, or someone with no idea how to integrate faith and work, this easy to read work might come in handy.

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