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Romance in Christian Fiction

It came to me last night that the predominance of love stories in Christian fiction might be more beautiful than I had at first thought. For those who know my rants against Christian fiction, this might come as a surprise. But as I was reading a science fiction work by a female Christian, (which, because it is written about a female by a female contains a great deal of love interest) my epiphany led me to the realization that the reason so much Christian fiction focuses on love stories is not just because women are the readers.
Might it not also be that since, at our conversion, we first come to feel the love of Christ, and are never really separated from it, that we cannot help but express such love when writing stories? If that is true, then when writing, we will most often find ourselves writing books with at least some romantic love story, as it is the nearest thing we can come to understanding the love of Christ for us, while we remain on Earth? After all, aren

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