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Book Review: Shadow in the Deep by L. B. Graham

SPOILER Do not read unless you have read the first two books.

The third book by L.B. Graham, a Christian and Covenant Seminary grad, is probably one of the most wonderful books I have ever read. Shadow in the Deep picks up where Bringer of Storms left off after the destruction of Col Marena by Malek’s followers. The prophet Valzaan is dead, and Benjiah must take his place. Aljeron must lead the people of Werthanin to safety across the sea to Cimaris Rul while the Bringer of Storms continues to use his powers to manifest rain across over Kirthanin.

But this is not what makes this book particularly wonderful. It is a book that has little new happening and more provides a preparation for the next book in the series. It truly is a middle book in a larger series much likeRobert Jordan’s Path of Daggers. A good book, but not as exciting as the first or last book. Due to its place in the series, there are very few solutions to problems, only the continuation of those found previously and the addition of a few more.

This still is not what make this book so wonderful. It is the author’s ability to just kill main characters in the must mundane of situations. Most fantasy authors become so attached to their characters, or believe that the reader does, that he/ she is entirely unwilling to kill most named characters. Not so, Mr. Graham. He will kill off important characters if the situation calls for it, and never bend over backwards to create impossible heroics in order to save the life of his characters. No healing measures or magic, no frantic life saving techniques. If a character is cut deeply in the chest, he dies from it. It is a simple as that. This ability to kill characters and his very well paced story that makes L.B. Graham one of the greatest fantasy authors ever.

It is too bad he writes for Chrsitian publishing company. The stigma attached to that will probably keep hius dissemination and his subtlely written testimony out of the mainstram fantasy section of your local bookstore. But perhaps I am wrong, even Lawhead found his way eventually into B&N so perhaps with a large enough following, Graham will too. Let us hope so.

Keep writing good sir!