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Book Review: Beyond the Summerland by L. B. Graham

I’ve decided that I need to write book reviews of the books I am reading. Not many critics are willing to really write about fantasy novels, and those that do usually read a chapter or two somewhere in the book and believe they can write critically about it. So, as a solution, I will take up that role.

L.B. Graham’s first book, Beyond the Summerland, is a magnificent work. It is the first book in The Binding of the Blade series. An adventure story that is compelling, fast-paced, and full of deep and rich characters, it is a work to rival even the writings of Terry Goodkind or George R.R. Martin. Deep in scope, filled with intimate duels and the clash of armies, it is a work that still maintains a sense of what man is and how his choices lead either to ruin or rejoicing. The race to an exciting and suprising conclusion will leave you hungering for more.

The story is seen primarily through the eyes of Joraiem, a young nobleman of the Novaana, who must journey to the town of Sulare to train and learn with fellow nobles the arts of battle, history, and leadership. But unbeknowst by him, Joraiem has been chosen by the Allfather to become something greater. With a love triangle, shipwreck, and battle with evil races bent on destroying those with faith in Allfather on all sides, Joraiem must use his newfound gifts for the benefit of himself, his friends, and perhaps the entire world of Kirthanin.

The Binding of the Blade